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Kertrina Dauway

Kertrina Dauway shares  her strategies of successful business development. This award winning business sales professional has experience in corporate business development, sales coaching and motivational speaking. Kertrina can help develop you or your team into true productive sales professionals.

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Sales Coach

Kertrina is a woman of many talents, however she is very passionate about Sales Coaching. She has mentored and trained sales professionals throughout her career.  She has been recognized nationally as a top sales professional in her industry consistently. She has spent her career  impacting bottom-line revenue for companies and is known in her industry as "The Closer".  She is now sharing her award winning strategies of why she has been successful in sales with professionals, corporations and businesses.

With a portfolio of varied speaking engagements, Kertrina Dauway could be the perfect fit for what you’re looking for in accelerating to the next level. She uses her platform to motivate countless individuals to success. From large audiences to small, each individual is impacted by her powerful message of successfully thriving in their environment.

Kertrina Dauway has used her platform and message to motivate countless individuals on their journey to success on a personal or professional level.  She is able to coach executive leaders and is able to provide corporate training sessions for companies/sales teams.   Kertrina helps you get to your next level through customizing successful strategies for you and/or your team.

While making great achievements in corporate America, Kertrina had to work on excelling past obstacles in her personal life.  Kertrina Dauway empowers her peers through her message of hope. She recognizes and understands the power of 'believing' and shares steps in improving one's self belief. She is the founder of  the You Can Live Again Movement  In this movement she and others choose to use their life experiences as stepping stones to impact, empower and enrich lives through messages of resilience. She is the Publisher of YCLA Magazine which interviewed celebrities who also shared their experiences in life. The YCLA initially  targeted  women, however, she believes everyone benefits from her 'You Can Live Again' movement.  She also produced "IT'S TIME TV" empowering her viewers with stories of hope.


Motivational Speaker

Leadership Empowerment

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